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When I was younger I owned a Furby baby toy, and from what I've heard about the regular Furbies they are just as creepy.

I'll be honest, that thing was a lot of fun to play with. It was impossibly cute. I loved the thing from the moment I first turned it on and it gave the pre-recorded whatever of, "Are you mama or dada?"

But after maybe a year it started talking when it wasn't on. I kept it in my room in a small compartment of a race car bed I used to have, and at night I would hear it go "Dada, I'm scared." I didn't hear it at first, maybe because that was before I broke my alarm clock radio so that it could only do a hour and thirty minutes yet. Eventually I would get up, turn on my light, and open up that little trunk part and the thing would be off. Eventually I ended up taking it downstairs away from my room. I still heard it at night, but not in my room. Only when I had to get up and go to the bathroom would it do it. It would still do it whole "Dada..." thing, sometimes slower than what it's voice should be. One time I had a bad dream where it pecked my eyes out. Inanimate objects have a tendency to try to kill me in my dreams.

On weekends that I would go to my grandmothers house either my mom or my step dad would put that thing in my closet and leave the closet door open. That would freak me out when I got back, but I would always close the door and put it back downstairs.

Eventually my moms cat decided that he loved the thing and pretty much stole it. When I finally found it again it was in my moms dresser and its batteries were dead. I never replaced the batteries. Now I have no clue where it is. The last place I know it being was my grandmothers house, but she probably got rid of it at some point.

A couple years ago when they did that new Furby thing I started to want one for a while, but now that's a no.
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