Sep. 22nd, 2010

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So far I've gotten bad things on places I have posted a link to my previous post on about the Toshiba Satellite thing.
1. It's kinda flimsy
2. not really good for gaming

and thats about it.

[personal profile] winterlady suggested a Lenova ThinkPad

So I looked on Amazon and found this:

Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 2842F7U 14-Inch Laptop (Black)

It has
1. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which all I understand about it is that I've heard about it before.
2. 2 GB Memory
3. 250 GB harddrive
4. DVD Recordable drive
5. Windows Seven Home Premium 32 bit
6. A Webcam I'm likely never going to use

This comes in at 600 dollars at the moment

I've got to stop talking about computers and their prices before I sound like a catalogue,
I could really use suggestions from anyone about this.
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My parents have suggested building the computer. Actually getting the tower and parts and putting it together. I would need their help because
1. I would find some way to screw it all up
B. It would make a fun geek family project.

My dad also claims that it should be a good learning experience, for all that stuff I knew nothing about in my lists

I'm probably actually going to have to get a job now. The only thing I'm going to buy in a while is Left4Dead and I want to get this done as soon as I can.

Building my own computer would be the most awesome choice in my eyes, so I think I'm might have to go for it

I may have to post images of the process of building it.


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