Sep. 26th, 2010

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I like songs that aren't in english. I have several songs on my iPod that are in Japanese. My favorite one is Hana by OrangeRange

So today I find out I have a French version of RE: You're brains. I am listening to it right now. This is actually really interesting. I'm sure other people would just be like "This isn't english, I can't listen to this" and then start to listening to Numa Numa

But for some reason I find things that are not in english very interesting. This whole thing started when I first watched the anime Bleach. The song ~Asterisk*~ is a Japanese rap. I do not like rap, but In a foreign language it was very funny. Now I've looked up what the lyrics mean and I still like it.

Recently I found out about a Japanese metal group called Seikima II. Apparently they have two albums in full english. Best of all, their english is actually good. Their songs in Japanese are pretty awesome. Seriously, I recommend them.

I guess the whole point of this is Re: Vos Cerveaux is pretty cool. I kinda got carried away in here.


remolay: Crono from Squaresofts "Chrono trigger" (Default)

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