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I've talked about how my project for NaNoWriMo was my Ranger Newman story. Well, I got 5,000 words in and kinda stopped writing things down. I knew this was probably going to happen, I have this tendency to get really into something for a week and then just stop, but I haven't given up on the story. Throughout November and December the story kept going on in my head. How could I end this with a hook for a sequel? Why is Ranger's girlfriend different than I planned? Should I kill someone off?

Then came the big question, How can I make this long enough without being mostly fluff? The answer: I couldn't. Solution, combine parts of the story. I knew right away that I wanted Ranger Newman's story to be in five parts, but these parts are going to end up being to short by themselves, So I've decided to combine them into one novel. Which brings me to two more problems

Problem one, My second part does not fit with the story at all. It was my original idea for Ranger before the clone thing took off, and now it just seems wrong. All of the other ones involve the clones in some way. Solution: I'm either going to have to remove part two and make it be four parts (Which I really do not want to do) or create a new story to be told there. I've already got an idea for a new one, which will somewhat overlap with part three.

Problem two: I'm going to be writing these in first person, and part 5 will end in such a way that Ranger can't narrate it. Solution: Part 5 will be told by Ranger's girlfriend.

Random parts suddenly happen in my head, and they all are sticking. I even have some of the ways Ranger has died, and one of them happens twice.
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