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I've talked about how my project for NaNoWriMo was my Ranger Newman story. Well, I got 5,000 words in and kinda stopped writing things down. I knew this was probably going to happen, I have this tendency to get really into something for a week and then just stop, but I haven't given up on the story. Throughout November and December the story kept going on in my head. How could I end this with a hook for a sequel? Why is Ranger's girlfriend different than I planned? Should I kill someone off?

Then came the big question, How can I make this long enough without being mostly fluff? The answer: I couldn't. Solution, combine parts of the story. I knew right away that I wanted Ranger Newman's story to be in five parts, but these parts are going to end up being to short by themselves, So I've decided to combine them into one novel. Which brings me to two more problems

Problem one, My second part does not fit with the story at all. It was my original idea for Ranger before the clone thing took off, and now it just seems wrong. All of the other ones involve the clones in some way. Solution: I'm either going to have to remove part two and make it be four parts (Which I really do not want to do) or create a new story to be told there. I've already got an idea for a new one, which will somewhat overlap with part three.

Problem two: I'm going to be writing these in first person, and part 5 will end in such a way that Ranger can't narrate it. Solution: Part 5 will be told by Ranger's girlfriend.

Random parts suddenly happen in my head, and they all are sticking. I even have some of the ways Ranger has died, and one of them happens twice.
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When I lived up north there was this radio station that would play a parody of "It's the End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine)" by REM every friday morning that was The End of the Week as we know it.
I've wanted to find this song for a year, but I've got nothing. I even just looked and youtube and got nothing.

Does anybody else know about this song? Where can I find it? I really want to listen to it. I've seriously found no sign of it anywhere.

And now thanks to someone on twitter I know have evidence this song exists.
This actually mentions it
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And this is my fourth post for it. I Guess I don't think I'm too interesting.

Anyways, It's almost November, Which is NaNoWriMo. I tried to do NaNoWriMo when I was younger (Was it when I was 12?), and I completely gave up. Since then I have gotten better at writing, have about 2 good short stories (and one in progress since august), and have come up with better characters than cats.

My current Idea involves a man named Ranger Newman. I decided on the name Ranger because I wanted some sort of weird thing for a name and it was the first thing that popped into my head. Maybe I was thinking of D&D at the time. When I finally decided to use this name on a character it was supposed to be for an adventure type game where he and a clone take on Cthulhu. Now he is a clone, but is still going around with another clone. My current version starts out Ranger finding out he's been dead for a year. Not only has he been dead for a year, but he has died 6 times. I'm going to use NaNoWriMo as an excuse to write this stuff down.
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On saturday I went with [personal profile] winterlady and [personal profile] bugfish to the library. There I found The Dilbert Future (weird), a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Manga (Weirder) The Tick: Big Blue Destiny collection graphic novel (Weirderer), and Monty Python: All The Words Volume 2 (weirderest)

So far I like all of these, but my favorite has got to be The Tick. I am a fan of both TV shows and am glad I actually found something The Tick comic related. It was really weird. A lot weirder than the Cartoon for sure.

The Phoenix Wright thing is only pretty good. It seems way to fast paced to me and way too dramatic. Phoenix tries to interrogate a cat that eats his attorneys badge at one point. I think they were trying to make it funny, but they didn't do a very good job of that. It's still pretty interesting, so I'm going to keep going with that.

The Monty Python book is seriously just scripts for the show. I can't complain about that.

I Probably wouldn't have known about The Tick: Big Blue Destiny and the Phoenix Wright thing without the library. The Dilbert Future I already knew about, but I never got to read at any point. The Monty Python book I would have likely found out about because of Wikipedia at some point, but still the library would have been my best bet at finding it.

This isn't the first time I descovered a book because of a library. There was another Scott Adams one called "Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain" that I now own a copy of.

Why we need more libraries: Discovering books.
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When I was younger I owned a Furby baby toy, and from what I've heard about the regular Furbies they are just as creepy.

I'll be honest, that thing was a lot of fun to play with. It was impossibly cute. I loved the thing from the moment I first turned it on and it gave the pre-recorded whatever of, "Are you mama or dada?"

But after maybe a year it started talking when it wasn't on. I kept it in my room in a small compartment of a race car bed I used to have, and at night I would hear it go "Dada, I'm scared." I didn't hear it at first, maybe because that was before I broke my alarm clock radio so that it could only do a hour and thirty minutes yet. Eventually I would get up, turn on my light, and open up that little trunk part and the thing would be off. Eventually I ended up taking it downstairs away from my room. I still heard it at night, but not in my room. Only when I had to get up and go to the bathroom would it do it. It would still do it whole "Dada..." thing, sometimes slower than what it's voice should be. One time I had a bad dream where it pecked my eyes out. Inanimate objects have a tendency to try to kill me in my dreams.

On weekends that I would go to my grandmothers house either my mom or my step dad would put that thing in my closet and leave the closet door open. That would freak me out when I got back, but I would always close the door and put it back downstairs.

Eventually my moms cat decided that he loved the thing and pretty much stole it. When I finally found it again it was in my moms dresser and its batteries were dead. I never replaced the batteries. Now I have no clue where it is. The last place I know it being was my grandmothers house, but she probably got rid of it at some point.

A couple years ago when they did that new Furby thing I started to want one for a while, but now that's a no.
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I like songs that aren't in english. I have several songs on my iPod that are in Japanese. My favorite one is Hana by OrangeRange

So today I find out I have a French version of RE: You're brains. I am listening to it right now. This is actually really interesting. I'm sure other people would just be like "This isn't english, I can't listen to this" and then start to listening to Numa Numa

But for some reason I find things that are not in english very interesting. This whole thing started when I first watched the anime Bleach. The song ~Asterisk*~ is a Japanese rap. I do not like rap, but In a foreign language it was very funny. Now I've looked up what the lyrics mean and I still like it.

Recently I found out about a Japanese metal group called Seikima II. Apparently they have two albums in full english. Best of all, their english is actually good. Their songs in Japanese are pretty awesome. Seriously, I recommend them.

I guess the whole point of this is Re: Vos Cerveaux is pretty cool. I kinda got carried away in here.
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My parents have suggested building the computer. Actually getting the tower and parts and putting it together. I would need their help because
1. I would find some way to screw it all up
B. It would make a fun geek family project.

My dad also claims that it should be a good learning experience, for all that stuff I knew nothing about in my lists

I'm probably actually going to have to get a job now. The only thing I'm going to buy in a while is Left4Dead and I want to get this done as soon as I can.

Building my own computer would be the most awesome choice in my eyes, so I think I'm might have to go for it

I may have to post images of the process of building it.
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So far I've gotten bad things on places I have posted a link to my previous post on about the Toshiba Satellite thing.
1. It's kinda flimsy
2. not really good for gaming

and thats about it.

[personal profile] winterlady suggested a Lenova ThinkPad

So I looked on Amazon and found this:

Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 2842F7U 14-Inch Laptop (Black)

It has
1. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which all I understand about it is that I've heard about it before.
2. 2 GB Memory
3. 250 GB harddrive
4. DVD Recordable drive
5. Windows Seven Home Premium 32 bit
6. A Webcam I'm likely never going to use

This comes in at 600 dollars at the moment

I've got to stop talking about computers and their prices before I sound like a catalogue,
I could really use suggestions from anyone about this.

Mac Vs. PC

Sep. 21st, 2010 08:27 pm
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I am a self described Apple Fanboy, so it may surprise you when I say that I am thinking of getting a PC laptop. I want to get it purely for gaming, as my Macbook can't keep up with all the games I want to play. This thing is still good for Music stuff, Image stuff, and School stuff, so there is no way I'm going to get rid of this thing.

So I've been looking at laptops today, and I've decided a few things.

A. This is the kind of thing I want

ASUS G73JW-A1 Republic of Gamers 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop - Black
It has:
1. a bunch of things I don't know a thing about
2. 500 GB Hard Drive
3. Blue Ray disk drive
4. Web Cam
5. Carrying back pack and mouse
6. Windows of some kind, It did not say.

This comes in at about Way to expensive. I'm more of a casual gamer anyway.

B. This is more appropriate:

Toshiba Satellite T215D-S1150 TruBrite 11.6-Inch Laptop (Chrome)
It has:
1. less things I know nothing about
2. 320 GB Hardrive
3. Windows 7 home premium
4. No webcam

This come in at 500 dollars when not on sale

C. This is what I can afford at the moment:


TL DR, I want a computer for gaming, but it's going to take a while
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I was at one of the Cheezburger sites today and stumbled upon this thing

funny video game photos - Gears of Bender, or Benders of War?
see more Bob's House of Video Games

I have never played Gears or Gears 2, but I know about the Chainsaw Gun thingy, and I have friends who do play it. After looking up Gears of War on Wikipedia to be sure I could get the title of this right I found out that the voice of Bender Bending Rodriguez does one of the voices in Gears. I am now intrigued.

This thing made my day, of which I was sick for a good chunk of.
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 I am a fan of Pokémon. I've played at lease one game from each generation but II. I've never beaten the elite four, but I've always gotten up to them.

I've Played:
Gen 1: Special Pickachu Edition (Yellow)
Gen 3: Emerald and LeafGreen
Gen 4: Pearl
Console: Stadium, XD: Gale of Darkness
Side: Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team, Ranger

Now I am pretty excited about Pokémon black version, It looks really interesting and I've read good things about (plus I want the Fire pig), but even with the DS re-releases, I have never played Gold, Silver, or Crystal. I borrowed Crystal version from a friend a couple of years back, but I never really started playing it. Never even got around to naming the rival.

So now I'm trying out Crystal again. I'm afraid I may never get to Kanto in it.

I used to always pick the Water starters, but then I realised they were the easy mode. I would always breeze through every gym with Squirtle/Mudkip/Piplup, including the water gym. By the time I would get to the Elite Four I would have a Level Whatever Water Pokémon, a Legendary, and some really under used Pokémon. 

Now I chose Fire starters because with them I actually need to catch and level them. Also I like the pun in Fire Starters.


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